Exciting News!


Gero Nurse Prep (GNP) will be receiving an upgrade during the month of September. The new GNP will provide a better and more seamless experience than before. The full upgrade of GNP will be done in phases. Here's what you can expect as we make the full upgrade:

  • On 09/18/2017 GNP will be down for 24 hours while we upgrade. You will not be able to access any part of GNP.
  • After 24 hours, GNP will be live again ONLY FOR LEARNERS in course. This will be a temporary version of GNP and will not have the same color scheme. Also, the login page will be changed temporarily. You will type in your browser: geronurseprep.com and click on login button on the page. You will enter your username and password as you have done in the past. Whatever you do in course during this time frame will be intact in course. It will not affect your progress in any way. This completes phase one.
  • During phase two, we will be working behind the scenes towards full upgrade. This will require us to close down any new registrations and slot claim for 3-5 days (09/19/2017 to 09/23/2017). LEARNERS still will be able to access the course without any problem as described above. After completing phase two of our upgrade we will begin phase three.
  • In phase three, the whole site will be down approximately 48 hrs. During that time, NOTHING WILL BE ACCESSIBLE. We will notify you beforehand.
  • After the full upgrade is complete, GNP will be live and you will be able to login as you did prior to the upgrade.




Learners who are part of GNP should be able to login using thier username and password as before. Please click on the botton below and enter your information. Make sure to read the "Exciting News" on the left.


Login into GNP Course

We are excited to provide you with a new and improved version of GNP!

If you need any help please contact GNP Support at concne@unmc.edu or call 402-559-1990. We will honor all registrations with discount code, if you email us your registration information during this timeframe.