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Gero Nurse Prep Benefits - AHCA/NCAL Gerontological Nurse Certification Prep Course

Benefits to Organizations

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CMS Star Rating

Increased CMS star rating. Nursing centers with board certified RNs in gerontological nursing are twice as likely to receive a 5-Star rating.

Retention Rate

Higher RN job satisfaction and retention, which will save you from hiring and training new staff.

Policies & Procedures

Certified RNs will create better policies, procedures, and lead to an increase in mentoring among the staff.


Faculties reported that employing GNP nurses fosters long-term operations success and care continuity.


Increased knowledge and quality of care lead to an increase in patient and family satisfaction.

Reimbursement Rate

Increased CMS reimbursement rates from higher star ratings and lower re-hospitalization rates.

Re-hospitalization Rate

Facilities that employ RNs who completed Gero Nurse Prep experience lower re-hospitalization rates.

Quality Care

Another important benefit: satisfied, well trained, and committed RNs provide elevated quality of elder care.

Best Practices

Best practices in geriatric care are presented throughout the course so this knowledge can be applied in day-to-day nursing practice.

Less Falls

Facilities with RNs who completed Gero Nurse Prep have lower fall rates and other adverse events.

Benefits to RNs

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Complete Package

Gives you all that you need for certification success: course content matched to exam outline, test taking strategies and practice exams, and 30 contact hours.

Professional Achievement

Greater sense of professional achievement and respect from physicians, other nurses, staff and administrators.


Improvement in essential competencies like communication, pain assessment, skin integrity, elder abuse, and more.


Alums reported significant increase in job confidence, self-esteem and procedures assuredness.


20 point increase from the pre-test to the post-test in certification related knowledge.

Critical Thinking

Alums reported enhanced critical thinking ability and increased autonomy in determining how to do their job.


Passing the ANCC certification exam grants you interprofessionally recognized professional credentials: Gero-RN.

Pass Rate

3/4 of the nation who take the ANCC exam pass on the first try. However 96% of Gero Nurse Prep alums pass the ANCC exam on the first try.


Access to instructors and support staff for any content based or technical questions. This is a self-paced course that can be accessed anywhere.

Computer Skills

Exposure to online learning technologies enhances computer and technology skills.