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Gero Nurse Prep Reviews - AHCA/NCAL Gerontological Nurse Certification Prep Course


We asked Gero Nurse Prep alums to share their experiences with the course and results of becoming board certified. Organization administrators shared their experiences as well. These are just a few examples of how Gero Nurse Prep and board certification is the right choice for you and your organization!

Thank you for the opportunity to offer my impression of the results from the UNMC Gero Program. The greatest impact is in the area of Critical Thinking. Our three certified nurses have developed much strong critical analysis, rational thinking, critiquing, logic, ability to leverage opinions, and situational analysis. These skills coupled with their strong relationship skills are creating stronger confidence and integrity with residents and staff. This program is really enhancing our VISION objectives for Quality Care and ultimately our MISSION of DIGNITY IN LIFE for the residents.

Larry E. Facility Administrator

It was so helpful to have taken this course prior to sitting for my board exam. The questions throughout the modules and on the practice tests were just like the ones I found on the exam. In fact, the day of the test I was actually relaxed once I'd answered a few questions and got into my groove. There was plenty of time for me to complete the test and go back over my answers. Thank you GeroNurse Prep for your help in my success!

Ruthann A. BSN, RN-BC

Hello! I just wanted to let you know that took the exam this weekend and PASSED! I was very happy. Your course helped me so much, as I have not done anything like this in 30 plus years. Thank you for all your support!

Nancy M. RN-BC

I wanted to let the course know that I passed my certification exam on February 18th!! I feel the course prepared me for the exam and loved the amount of opportunity and exposure to sample test questions throughout the course.

Katie P. RN-BC

I took my certification test on January 12th. Although it was very challenging, I am happy to report I passed the test! I am extremely excited to say I am board certified in Gerontological Nursing.

Amy M. RN-BC

Passed the certification exam! The geronurse prep course and test taking tips were great. Thanks to you Heidi and all the faculty for supporting quality care for our elderly and professional growth for registered nurses. The in depth content of the prep course and progression through the course has really boosted my confidence. Thanks!

Kevin V. RN-BC

Took my test 3/8/14 and I passed. The exam was much easier than the test questions after the modules. I really appreciate all that I learned by completing this course. I believe that this course made it possible for me to pass the exam. The exam questions made you think and analyze but were straight forward in nature.

Theresa J. RN-BC

Thank you Gero Nurse Prep course for getting me ready for this exam. I have learned a ton and successfully passed my exam to be a Board Certified Geriatric Nurse. Good luck to everyone else pursuing this goal!

Karis G. RN-BC

Just letting the course know I completed my exam on Wednesday Jan 27th and passed. I honestly was very nervous as I hadn't had the time to dedicate to studying like I have with past exams. However, during the exam I utilized many of the test taking recommendations and drew from lessons in the course. I feel like this course did an excellent job preparing me for the exam.

Erin C. RN-BC

I plan to use what I have learned to help educate my staff members. There was a lot of useful information that can be used in my day to day world.

Ashley G. RN-BC

It [Gero Nurse Prep] included different types of learning, reading, case studies, book, online, videos, and it was at my pace so I could work it in around my schedule.

Sally J. RN-BC

I work in long term care and can apply palliative and hospice care for the residents. I can apply some part of everything I learned to the care our facility provides for our residents.

Diann A. RN-BC

I was extremely pleased with the course itself and how well it prepared me for the ANCC board examination. As a nurse with 26 years in long-term care, I was impressed with the course's clinical care sections, its geriatric nursing research summaries, the useful resources it included, and its emphasis on professionalism and respect for older adults and their caregivers. The course guided me in critical thinking exercises and how to apply new skills in a wide array of settings.

Laura L. RN-BC

The test breaker exercise - the section on how to take multiple choice questions - is a must. I recommend it to everyone. The course creates 'aha' moments at work. We've all connected what we learned and apply it. We handle planning meetings differently now. We focus on applying our new knowledge for the betterment of our residents and facility.

Marcia M. RN-BC

Glad I took the course. It expanded our brains. Facing any exam, people will have anxiety. Knowing that your learners have a 96% success rate gave me confidence.

Jill A. RN-BC

I find myself approaching things with a different outlook. The course has changed the way I approach residents, their families and their clinical care. It has affected how I do assessments.

Terry C. RN-BC

The main thing the course did was to give me self-confidence in my specialty, geriatric nursing. With the growing number of aging baby boomers, we really need more geriatric nurses. It's helped me to better know the disease processes of the elderly. I'm more in tune with those processes and try to collaborate with the doctor to find a solution. There's a bond with the other three nurses in my facility who completed the course. Board-certified geriatric nurses on staff are a benefit as far as marketing and promotion of the facility. It's a good program. Receiving acknowledgment and knowing there is a need for advanced knowledge in the field of geriatrics is a good thing. I appreciate the opportunity. I'm not sure I would have gotten certified without it.

Dan S. RN-BC

It gave me more knowledge on the gerontology population. It was a boost to my confidence to do an online class. It's also nice to be able to say that I'm board certified." My facility can now tell people they have a board-certified RN as the director of nursing. I'm honored that I was able to take the class. It was easy to navigate and really helped me get ready for the exam. I'm pleased that I did pass boards, and I'm glad that I now have more knowledge.

Maureen B. RN-BC

I thought about certification for many years. The online format made it possible. Becoming board certified has definitely added to my credibility as a professional. Since taking the class, I've been promoted - now I'm facility administrator. There are a lot of course resources available that most practicing nurses probably aren't aware of - resources that we may not have accessed otherwise as far as fall prevention and intervention. Those resources made a big difference. It's nice to be able to tell prospective residents and families that there are 8 RNs in the facility that are now board certified. It enhances our reputation that we have gero-certified RNs on staff. There's been an increase in camaraderie among the RNs that have been through the program. Certified RNs have been resources for the nurses that haven't been through the training yet. There's more collaboration with things like quality assurance. The course format is so convenient that really anybody should be able to make time to do it. The commitment required wasn't overwhelming. The course left me well prepared for the certification exam.

Roger B. RN-BC

I wanted to be certified for a very long time and I traveled for courses before this. They never worked out. The online format of this course was a great opportunity for me. I totally believe this program has helped me in my own self-actualization. The physicians look at me differently because I am board certified. They understand that verbiage because they are board certified too. They respect that I worked to further my education. My knowledge base has expanded and improved. Residents benefit every time you know more. If my team needs answers, I know where to look things up now. This course has given my position validation. Staff look to the director of nursing for answers on health care issues and my knowledge and credentials add validity to what I know. If nurses want certification in Gerontological Nursing, this is a wonderful way to prepare for the exam!

Maggie S. RN-BC

What a difference this course makes. For me personally, it really enhanced my confidence, knowledge and critical thinking skills. I feel much more equipped to deliver top-notch care, and that's a rewarding feeling. Gerontological board certification is a badge of quality. We sponsored this training for RNs across our facilities in the Midwest. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Our nurses say it's boosted their self-esteem, their job satisfaction, their level of care for the elders they serve. It's so much learning - with so many resources - all focused on current best practices. For our patients, it's meant better quality care. At Vetter, we believe we owe it to our residents to become the best we can be. Earning certification is a big part of that continual process.

Peggy F. RN-BC

Thanks for bringing this program to us - and for all your assistance. EVERY nurse - regardless of where they are in completing certification - has found it worthwhile. Your framed certificate has arrived and holds a place of prominence in our lobby. We have an accreditation survey this week, and I know your certificate will be well received by the survey team, so the timing is perfect.

Bill B. President & CEO, Broad Reach Healthcare

Our passion is to continue to raise the bar on quality care and strive for excellence. That's why - when the University of Nebraska Medical Center came to us - we jumped at the chance to participate. By August 2011, 43 of our nurses had become board certified in gerontological nursing, and we intend to continue. This program is about excellence. In health care, in resident-staff relationships, in outstanding service. I recommend it highly. It's A+.

Glenn E. President, Vetter Health Services