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FAQ's - Topic / Questions - AHCA/NCAL Gerontological Nurse Certification Prep Course

What should I know about the format of the modules?

Each module is made up of 3 to 4 smaller subsections that focus on a specific clinical or professional topic related to gerontological nursing. For each module, a printable module outline is provided to give you a snapshot of the content to be covered. It contains a summary of the material; it is very important that you look online within each module to find specific reading assignments.
Each module subsection includes 3 mandatory segments:
Text Readings: Tells you exactly what to read in the text. The pages have been carefully selected to provide the relevant information that you will find on the ANCC exam. You do not have to read more than what is asked for.
Additional Resources: Contains materials carefully selected to update and enhance your text readings.
Learning Activities: Provides opportunity to apply what was learned in Text Reading and Additional Resources.(Learning Activities are found on the home page for each module). If there are any activities associated with this material, red text will be displayed. Be sure to click on ALL the learning activities. Some modules have more than one to complete and the post-test won’t open until all the learning activities have been completed.
Each Module contains 4 optional segments.
Optional Review Material: Click on the links to be directed to additional resources that apply to the material in this section.
Where is this on the ANCC Test?: Provides excerpts from the ANCC test outline and demonstrates how the module materials align with what will be found on the actual ANCC certification test.
For Future Practice: Provides some valuable resources for you to use in your clinical practice after you receive board certification! We hope you will use these materials as clinical resources!
Source Information: Gives you the online location of the module materials. These are excellent resources for use in your professional gerontological nursing practice.
Once you have completed each of the subsections you will have access to the module Post-Test. Each post-test is made up of 10 multiple choice questions. You must receive a score of at least 90% to pass. You are allowed multiple attempts if you don’t pass on the first try. You will also have the opportunity to review your answers so you will know which parts of the Text Readings and Additional Resources you will need to go back and review before attempting the post-test again.
The last section of each modules is the Discussion Board. Participation in the discussion board is not mandatory, but highly encouraged. This is where you can share, interact with, and learn from others in the course.
You can now move on to the next module by selecting the next module listed in the Jump to…drop down box. The course was designed to have the modules completed sequentially but you are not restricted to completing the modules in order.
Once you’ve selected the next module, work through the sections as listed above.

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